One of the main priorities for any responsible gun owner is to make sure that their firearms are stored safely out of harms way.

It’s really important to store your firearms securely for several reasons:

  • You don’t want your kids getting access to your guns as they could hurt themselves
  • You don’t want a thief getting hold of your firearms and using them against you
  • You don’t want your expensive guns damaged by fire or flood.

To make sure that you choose the right safe for you it is important to ask yourself lots of questions such as those listed below.

How many and what type of guns do you have?

If you only have a single pistol or a handgun or two then you won’t need a huge safe and can probably make do with one of the cheaper models of safe of which there are many currently on the market.

If you have lots of firearms of different sizes then you will need to carefully consider the size of safe you require and the cost will naturally be that much greater.

What is your budget for the gun safe?

$100 – $200
You will be able to get a small safe suitable for storing your handguns and pistols securely away from the kids.
$200 – $500
Buys you a larger safe possibly large enough for a couple of rifles and secure enough to keep your weapons safe from a casual thief for a short amount of time.
$500 – $1000
Buys a larger safe possibly with a small amount of fireproofing.
$1000 – $5000
Moves you into specialized safe territory where even the determined thief is going to have to spend some time to get your safe open. If you have an extensive and valuable collection of firearms then you will need to start thinking about spending some serious cash to secure them. The cost can shoot up depending upon the types of lock, thickness of the steel used in the door and safe body, number and type of door bolts.

Are you trying to prevent a determined thief easily stealing your gun collection?

If your answer is yes then you should be looking at spending some serious cash to secure them. The degree of security that the gun safe will offer will be almost entirely dictated by the extra cost that you are willing to pay.

Will you want to store other items such as papers, money and jewelry?

If you need to store important papers and/or jewelry inside the safe and protect these items from fire then you need to be looking for a fireproof safe fitted with a fireliner.

Do you want to store digital media inside the safe?

If yes, then you might be better off getting a small fireproof safe suitable for the storage of digital media to keep inside the gun safe.

Do you want to keep the contents of the gun safe protected against fire and/or flood?

If your gun collection and valuables needs protecting from fire and flood then look for a UL rated safe that fits your requirements.

Do you have a location within your property that you can house a very heavy gun safe in?

Is there going to be a way of anchoring it to the floor so it can’t be stolen when you are not at home?

Here at Gun Safe Expert we will help you to find the safe that’s best for you.

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