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The Barska AX11644 Compact Biometric Keypad Safe is a Lock Box type of safe made of steel that can easily accommodate pistols or handguns. There is also enough room inside for some small valuables and papers as well etc.

Barska Biometric Keypad Safe AX11644 Review

Main Features

The Locking System

The locking system used to secure the safe is a motorized deadbolt lock that engages 2 sturdy solid steel locking bolts.


A set of 4 AA batteries are needed for the safe to operate and with normal use these have been found to last for approximately 1 year. Note that if the batteries do fail then you have the peace of mind of being able to use the back-up keys supplied with the safe to open the safe and replace the batteries.

Two Types of Lock

This safe has 2 types of lock, a biometric fingerprint reader and a digital keypad.

The biometric fingerprint reader used on the safe can store up to 32 different user fingerprints and will open in under 4 seconds with an authorized user fingerprint.

The keypad reader can store 1 pin number that is set by the safe owner when configuring the safe.

Barska also give you a set of 2 back-up keys that can be used in the event of a battery failure making the fingerprint reader and keypad inoperative.

Pre-Drilled Mounting Holes

As this is a compact safe that could be picked up by a burglar, it is pre-drilled with 4 mounting holes. Barska also supplies bolts and fitting instructions for the safe so that it can be secured to a wall or similar.

Internal Mat

The safe comes with a mat that sits inside to cushion your valuables when they are stored in the safe. A removable storage shelf is also supplied.


Barska provide a 1 year limited warranty on the AX11644 safe.

AX11644 Specifications

External Dimensions: 14” x 10” x 10” (L x W x H)
Internal Dimensions: 13” x 7.5” x 9.5”
Door Thickness: 3/16” Steel
Body Thickness: 1/16” Steel
Weight: 29 Pounds
Fireproof: No
Waterproof: No

AX11644 Feature List

Front Opening Compact Safe secured using 2 steel locking bolts
Fingerprint reader stores up to 32 fingerprints so you can store each fingerprint from several different angles to improve the accuracy
The electronic keypad lock holds one user defined code to give you a back up method of opening the safe should the fingerprint reader fail
Emergency back-up keys x2 are also provided so you can still open the safe during electrical failure
When door is opened, the safe beeps to notify you that it has been opened
Made for Wall Mounting using the 4 pre-drilled holes in the back of the safe and the 4 mounting bolts supplied
4 AA Batteries are in the box along with the safe
1 year Warranty supplied
CA DOJ Approved

Advantages of Using This Safe

You can get to your firearms quickly even in the dark without fumbling around for a key.

Having a safe like this means that your firearm is stored safely away from your kids. There’s no-way that they could get hold of them and hurt themselves, but you can keep your handgun within easy reach in case you need it.

Because this safe has an additional digital keypad lock, you can also call someone from a distance and give them access to the safe if you’re not at home, using the Pin Number that you set earlier.


Not fire or waterproof – but having this feature would cost a lot more.

What’s In The Box??

AX11644 Biometric Keypad Safe
Protective Mat
2 x Emergency Access Keys
Mounting Hardware Fixings
Removable shelf
4 x AA Batteries

Tips For Using The safe

As soon as the safe arrives, check that the Back-Up Keys work properly
Find a secure place to store the Keys – not inside the safe
Fix the safe into its final position by following the mounting instructions
Always clean the fingerprint reader before and after use with a soft cloth
If you are having problems with the safe opening when using the fingerprint reader then try registering your fingerprint from several different angles
Never leave the safe open when unattended as anyone could register their own fingerprint and gain access to the safe contents in your absence

What Users liked about the Safe

Easy to program
Plenty of room for a few pistols and ammo
I’ve had no problems with the scanner recognizing my print and unlocking the safe
Great safe, easy to set, up compact

Some Users However Didn’t Like..

When accessing the safe via fingerprints, it was not 100% reliable, probably closer to 90% (See Tip above and scan fingerprints from different angles to improve accuracy)
Battery holder is a tight fit for the batteries

Review Summary

This is the next safe up when looking for more functionality compared to the majority of standard biometric safes. This is due to the possibility of being able to delegate access to another person if you are not at home by giving them the pin number to open the safe with.

Most users were very happy with the quality of the safe and the accuracy of the fingerprint reader. A couple of reviewers stated that they would be buying another one.

We were impressed with this safe, and although it is not strong enough to sustain a prolonged attack with power tools, it does nevertheless do its job, which is to keep your firearms and valuables away from your children or an opportunistic thief.

We therefore recommend the Barska AX11644 as a good option if you are looking for a Combined Biometric and Keypad Lock type of safe.