Barska Gun Safes

Barska® has been around since 1994, manufacturing sports optics and have been making the popular Barska gun safes range for several years now. The biometric safes in particular are well known for having a much better than average fingerprint reader.
These safes are more suited to a homeowner on a small budget wishing to secure a pistol, rifle or small amounts of cash or valuables. They are ideal for securing items from an opportunist burglar or thief. The locking mechanism on these safes is also sufficient to prevent your children accessing your firearms and valuables.

Most of these safes come fitted with a biometric fingerprint reader but also come supplied with emergency backup keys so that the safe can still be opened if there are any problems with the electronic reader. This is a great help especially if your battery dies and you cannot open the safe.
Many of these safes are small enough to be able to be concealed within the home and the majority of them are supplied with mounting holes already drilled ready to be bolted down securely in your chosen location.

Once your fingerprint has been enrolled in the reader it is then a simple matter to insert your finger upon the scanner to open the safe. This has great benefits especially if you have an intruder inside your home because you do not have to scramble around looking for keys or trying to remember a number code to enter on a keypad.

We have reviewed several of the BARSKA range of safes and most of the ones we have covered are listed below.

Barska AX11652 Biometric Rifle Safe Review
This is a small biometric safe formed out of 2mm steel which can hold up to 4 rifles at a squeeze. It’s fitted with the standard Barska biometric fingerprint reader and has a 3-point Deadlock Locking System. An added bonus of this safe is that it is California DoJ Approved.

Barska Biometric Safe AX11224 Review
This model is once again a biometric type of safe. The fingerprint scanner can store up to 30 different fingerprints and the unit opens at the front. The safe comes complete with mounting bolts that allow it to be fitted to the floor, a dresser, or the wall for added security. Batteries are needed for the biometric lock to open.

Barska Biometric Drawer Gun Safe AX11556 Review
The AX11556 is a top opening type of gun safe. This makes it ideal for concealing inside a filing cabinet or maybe a dressing table drawer. Because the safe is top opening and the lid is quite heavy it comes fitted with a hydraulic hinge so that it can be opened with less effort.
Not all BARSKA gun safes are biometric types. They also sell several safes fitted with electronic combination locks and conventional key locks.

Barska Large Biometric Safe AX11650 Review
the AX11650 is one of the larger members of the BARSKA safe family. The capacity of this safe is such that you could store several handguns inside along with other valuable items. This particular safe comes with an external battery pack that can be used in the event of power failure of the original batteries fitted inside the safe.
Barska AX12038 Biometric Wall Safe Review
The AX12038 is a wall safe that has a biometric lock. This model is designed to be able to be fitted behind a closet door or maybe inside the wall behind a picture frame. It comes complete with the mounting holes drilled so that you can fit it to your wall studs making it extra secure. It can store up to 120 fingerprints so is suitable to be used by multiple users in an environment like an office or shop.

Some more models from the Barska range are listed below~

AX11620 BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe    Biometric + BU Keys
AX11618 BARSKA Front Opening Digital Keypad Safe   Keypad + BU Keys
AX11644 BARSKA Compact Biometric Keypad Safe  Biometric + Keypad +BU Keys
AX11646 BARSKA Standard Biometric Keypad Safe   Biometric + Keypad +BU Keys
AX11648 BARSKA Large Biometric Keypad Safe   Biometric + Keypad +BU Keys

Note: Where BU stands for Backup Key – In case of problems with the fingerprint reader.

Barska gun safes are very popular with most of the people who purchase them and their range continues to grow year by year.

 If you’re looking for a small biometric gun safe to secure a couple of hand guns to give you quick access to your firearm then a Barska safe might be just what you’re looking for.

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