GunVault Gun Safes

GunVault Gun Safes have been on sale for over 25 years. When a company has been around this long it is a testament to the quality and durability of their products. The company has been recently bought by Cannon Gun Safes.

All of their safes are fitted with novel high quality lock mechanisms with the majority of the locks being electronic, specifically the GunVault patented No-Eyes® Keypad.

The biometric lock fitted to the safes is also better that the average supplied by competitors as the fingerprints registered are updated slowly over time each time your fingerprint is read when you access the safe.

There are quite a lot of safes in the range and we have so far reviewed the following models:

GunVault MiniVault GV1000
The GunVault GV1000 comes in three different configurations. The GV1000S is the standard model which is fitted with an electronic lock capable of being programmed with any one of 12 million plus different combinations.
The GV1000D is the deluxe version with the same lock but also comes fitted with an interior light, motion detector with an audible alarm so that you know if anyone is messing with the safe and an external power supply.
The GVB1000 is the Biometric model of the same safe. This has a biometric fingerprint lock that can store up to 15 different fingerprints set by the user. It also comes with a courtesy light and an external power supply that can be used if your batteries fail.

GunVault MicroVault MV500 STD
The GunVault MV500 is a small footprint top-opening safe designed to accommodate 1 pistol securely. This model is available in 2 different types, the MV500 has an electronic lock and the MVB500 is a biometric lock fitted with a fingerprint reader.

GunVault SpeedVault SV500
The SpeedVault comes in 2 different versions, the SV500 that is fitted with an electronic lock and an anti-tamper Indicator and locks a user out after a certain number of invalid entries are made on the keypad. The SVB500 is virtually the same safe but comes with a biometric lock fitted.
The SpeedVault has a really unique design that it stores your handgun in a lockable cradle in a vertical position so that your firearm can be access at a moment’s notice. This is yet another example of GunVault Gun Safes policy or bringing new designs and features to the market.

GunVault MultiVault GV2000
The GV2000 comes in 3 different variants, the GV2000D, GV2000S and the GVB2000. The Deluxe and Standard variants have an electronic lock that the user can set with an access code but the Deluxe variant also has an interior light and an anti-tamper audio alarm and an external power supply. The Biometric version is fitted with a biometric fingerprint lock that can hold 15 different fingerprints in its memory and also comes with an external power supply

GunVault DrawerVault GV3000
The DrawerVault GV3000 also comes in 2 different versions. The GV3000 has an electronic lock that can be set with any one of 12 million plus access codes and it also blocks access for a time after several invalid entries have been made to the keypad.
The GVB3000 is the biometric version of the safe which is fitted with a fingerprint lock that can store up to 120 user fingerprints.
Both these safes are top opening so can be fitted inside a drawer.

We will continue to add to the range of GunVault Gun Safes reviewed so be sure to check the listings opposite for new information on your next visit.

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