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This is our review of the GunVault MicroVault MV500-STD. It’s a small portable handgun safe and one of the large range of gun safes manufactured by GunVault.

Main Features

How Much Room Is There Inside?

It has sufficient room to store a pistol plus some spare ammo and a magazine. The safe body is constructed using heavy 20-gauge steel and coated in a smart and durable black colored finish.

GunVault MicroVault MV500-STD Review

The Lock and Case

The lock used on the unit is an ultra-reliable high-strength version. The outside of the case body is designed in such a way that there are no purchase points for a thief to be able to pry the safe open which makes this particular gun safe unit even more secure.

No-Eyes Keypad

The safe is opened primarily by the use of GunVault’s unique No-Eyes® Keypad that can be programmed by the user to store a secret code. The number of different combinations that can be produced using the keypad is in excess of 12 milllion different variations making this an extremely safe method of securing your handgun.

Securing The MV500-STD

The GunVault MV500 also comes supplied predrilled with holes that permit the attachment of a security cable which is supplied by the manufacturer. This steel cable can be used to fix the safe temporarily to your car seat or a desk leg or any other difficult to move object so that it cannot be stolen while you move it from place to place.

Tamper Detection Feature

A tamper detect mechanism is fitted to the keyboard of the safe. This will lock the keypad if more than 24 incorrect entries are made on the keypad. The safe will then go into sleep mode for a period of 2 minutes. During this 2 minute period, if any keypad buttons are pressed, the safe beeps to warn the registered user that further unauthorized attempts are being made to access the safe.

Other Features

The inside of this portable gun safe is lined with a protective foam cushion to prevent your firearm being damaged by the hard steel casing and to prevent your pistol moving during transit.
The beeps that the safe emits during operation can be turned on and off by using the mute button located on the unit so that the safe can be operated in silent mode if desired.
The manufacturer, GunVault, supplies a Backup override key with the unit so that you can still open it even if the power from the battery has failed.

GunVault MV500 Specifications

Outer Size: 2¼” x 8½” x 11”
Inside Dimensions: 2” x 6½” x 10¾”
Weight: 4 Pounds
Access Codes: More than 12 million possible access codes
Steel Thickness: Safe is made from 20 Gauge Steel
Tamper Indicator: Yes
Security Cable Supplied: Yes
Emergency Access Key: Yes
Battery Type: 9 Volt
Battery Life: Average 1 year depending upon use
Fireproof: No
Waterproof: No
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
CA DOJ Approved

GunVault MV500 Features

  • Constructed from Heavy 20-Guage Steel and finished in Black
  • Can be mounted in a permanent location or used as a portable safe with the optional security cable supplied separately by GunVault
  • A protective foam liner protects your handgun and valuables
  • Fitted with a high security locking mechanism for reliable operation
  • The safe body and lid fit very closely which make it very difficult to pry open with tools
  • The GunVault No-Eyes Keypad is easy to operate even in the dark
  • Safe has a mute button that can be pressed to disable the audible beeps from the safe
  • Tamper detect feature warns you that an unauthorized person has tried to access the safe using an incorrect access code
  • If more than 24 invalid entries are made on the keypad then Security Sleep Mode is activated and the keypad cannot be operated for 2 minutes
  • Audible and Visual Low battery warning when keypad is operated

Advantages of using this Gun Safe

Firearms can be quickly accessed in an emergency without a key even in the dark thanks to the No-Eyes Keypad. The safe is also a good solution if you need to carry a pistol or valuables in your vehicle as it can be secured inside the vehicle using the security cable supplied with the safe at the time of purchase


Safe is designed to restrict casual access to pistol/handgun and this it does well. However the safe could not withstand a determined attack with tools for this you would need to spend far more cash.

What’s Included??

1. V500 Gun Safe
2. Security Cable
3. Emergency Override Key
4. Manual
Note: The battery is not supplied


Make sure that you remove the Emergency Back-up Keys from the safe as soon as you get it home and store it in a safe place.

Whenever you take the safe with you ensure that you use the cable lock supplied to prevent anyone walking off with the safe and your firearm inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the battery dies or the keypad does not accept the number that I input?
The safe can then be opened using the Emergency Back-Up Key.

Can I fix the safe in a permanent location?
Yes, the safe can be mounted by drilling 4 holes in the base of the unit and then bolting it to the floor or some other heavy object.

Will my programmed access code be lost if the battery fails?
No, your personal access code will be retained even after battery failure.

Can the audio beeps that the safe makes be muted?
Yes, there is a mute button located on the top of the unit for disabling the beeps.

Review Summary

This is a pretty good solution for keeping your gun locked away from the kids when out and about in the car and the security cable supplied with the safe makes it difficult for a thief to steal.

The safe really needs to be bolted down if your using it in the home as this will prevent it being stolen and at the very least it should be anchored using the security cable as already mentioned.

Many purchasers seem to like this safe and it has achieved great ratings on several different sites that publish reviews. We recommend it.