Several years ago the fingerprint readers that were used on biometric gun safes were not very accurate giving widely varying results. This wide variation in accuracy was down to several points but mainly the fact that the technology was still in its infancy.

Nowadays however, the situation has changed and gun safe fingerprint readers are much more accurate. This has led to a growing number of satisfied purchasers of biometric gun safes.

The fingerprint readers that are used on biometric safes work by recording the ridges and troughs that make up the fingerprint pattern. So anything that improves the recording of those patterns, will improve the likelihood of the safe opening when an enrollled fingerprint is placed on the reading screen.

As more people have come to use this type of safe, it has become apparent that there are a number of steps you can take which can greatly improve the accuracy of the fingerprint reader and these are listed below.

Make Sure That The Scanner Glass is Clean

Make sure the glass of the fingerprint reader is clean and free from smudges and grease. You can clean the glass with a soft, lint-free cloth. The same sort of material as is used to clean your spectacles.

Record Your Fingerprints From Several Different Angles

if your fingerprint reader can record many different fingerprints, then one of the ways to increase the accuracy is to scan your finger from several different angles. This will ensure that no matter how you present your finger to the glass of the reader, it will be seen as a registered print and open the safe.

Scan More Than 1 Finger

Always scan more than one finger just in case you damage the fingertip of one of your registered fingerprints. This will ensure you can still open your safe.

Regularly Re-Enroll Your Fingerprints

Make sure that you re-register your fingerprint(s) at least once every six months, so that if you have any damage to the pattern of your fingerprint, you can still open your safe.

Changes To Your Fingerprints As You Get Older

Another fact to watch out for with regards to using a fingerprint reader is that as you get older your fingerprints get thinner. This makes it harder for the scanner to record the pattern of your fingerprint but it also makes it harder for the scanner to actually read it leading to a more inaccurate response.

We recommend that if you are above say 50 years old that when you get your Biometric safe home you actually try it to see if it will enroll and read your fingerprint properly.

Make Sure That Your Batteries Are Fresh

We’ve noticed that fingerprint reader accuracy falls sometimes when your batteries start to lose power so make sure that you always have fresh batteries installed in your safe.

Hopefully by following our recommendations you’ll have very few problems if any with your new biometric gun safe.