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This review covers the V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Locking Case. This unit is available in 2 different versions, the Home Security version model number 2912-S BLK, and a Tactical version model number 2912-S FBLK.

After having a good look at both of these, the only difference that I can see is that the V-Line logo is black on the tactical version and white on the home security version. The black finish may also be a bit less shiny in the tactical version.

V-Line 2912-S Top Draw Review

The case is a top-opening model that’s large enough to house 2 handguns plus ammo. The hinge that runs the full length of one side of the case is also welded at the end, so that a thief cannot simply remove the pin that runs through the hinge and get access to your firearm.

It’s manufactured in such a way that the lid wraps completely over the top of the safe on all sides. This offers no convenient point for a thief to insert a prybar to try to force it open.

Main Features

Lock Type

The Top Draw is fitted with a Simplex type lock located on top of the case. The lock though is not manufactured by Simplex.

The lock combination is set mechanically by using a series of push buttons that are depressed in turn. This type of lock gives you a selection from 1081 possible combinations that you can set as your password for opening the security case.


The unit also comes complete with punched holes, 2 square and 2 round, in the base so that it can be bolted down onto most horizontal surfaces using bolts or lag screws. V-Line also supply a Mounting Bracket that you can purchase separately so that the case can be mounted securely in several different locations.

Interior Lining

The case is lined on the top and bottom with thick foam so that your firearms do not move about during transit stopping them getting scratched in the process.


Model Number: 2912-S
External Dimensions: 12.00” X 9” X 2 3/4”
Internal Dimensions: 11 3/4” X 8 3/4” 2 1/2”
Body Material: 16 Gauge Steel 1/16” thickness
Weight: 5 lbs
Color/Finish: Black
Approvals: CA DoJ Approved Lock Box

Feature List

  • Locking System: Simplex Type mechanical combination lock
  • Capacity: Large enough to store 2 medium handguns depending on size
  • Mounting: Mounting holes are punched into the base of the case
  • Lining: Protective foam top and bottom
  • Fireproof: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Country of Manufacture: USA

Advantages of using this safe

  • Over time these locks are much more reliable that electronic types such as biometric fingerprint readers and electronic combination locks.
  • There are no batteries required for the lock to operate.
  • With practice this lock can also be easily opened in the dark which can be very useful if you don’t want to alert an intruder rifling through your house.
  • As there are no batteries there is also no requirement for a back up method such as a key to be stored in the house in case the electronics fail.


Beware that there is no back-up key for the safe. If you forget the combination then you won’t be able to open it. Make sure that you record the combination of the lock and store it in another location or on your PC, Phone or Laptop or in some place that an intruder or your kids don’t have access to.

This case is not as difficult to break into as a gun safe, but it’s main purpose is not to stop a determined thief stealing your handgun, it is to stop your children or an opportunist getting hold of your firearm. For this purpose it does an excellent job.

User Reviews and Ratings

We managed to find over 100 reviews on the V-Line Top Draw. Most of them were extremely positive such as the one below. The average review score was 4 out of 5.

Frequently Heard Reviewer Comments

V-Line are the obvious choice if looking for a gun safe using a Simplex type lock.

What Purchasers Liked

  • Lock is very durable
  • Plenty of room for most pistols and handguns
  • Provides quick and easy access when you need it
  • Perfect to fit under a bed or the seat in your car
  • Needs no batteries
  • Great lock box, fit and finish is flawless
  • Customer service at V-Line was excellent

What They Didn’t Like..

Several buyers said that the lock felt loose although in practise this did not affect its operation

What do Buyers Store in this Security Case?

Its possible when you’re looking to buy a case for your handgun that you might not be sure if your pistol will fit in the case. To help with this problem we had a look at what purchasers of this unit were storing in their Top Draw Case. See the list below.

Full-sized model 1911. Full-sized pistol. Full-sized automatic. 2 x .357’s plus ammo. Ruger P89 9mm plus 2 magazines. Glock G19 plus 3 to 4 magazines. Ruger .357 LCR in its holster and a Glock 17. Ruger SR9c with two 10 round clips plus ammo. Full-sized 9 mm plus Streamlight TL3 with an extra clip. Smith & Wesson .38 plus 2 speed loaders and Beretta Neos plus 2 clips.

What’s Included with the Top Draw Case

You only get the V-Line 2912-S BLK or 2912-S FBLK top opening security case – no extra’s

Optional Extras

V-Line Top Draw Mounting Bracket
A quick release mounting bracket is available for this model. This allows you to move the case between locations yet still have the case firmly bolted down. Its ideal for using in your truck or car, or maybe between work and home meaning that your firearm is with you should you need it, but at the same time out of sight or reach of unauthorised users.

Tips when using the Top Draw Case

  • Always make sure that you keep a record of the combination stored at a separate location
  • The case must be mounted. Try to mount the case where it’s not easily seen as this gives you another level of security
  • Make sure that you periodically service your firearm according to the manufacturers’ guidelines so that you can be sure that it will work if you should need it.

Consumer Ratings

This gun case got 4.5 out of 5 stars from reviewers across several different sites due to its simplicity, sturdy construction, and simple but effective lock. Lots of users have purchased more that 1 case of this type and this model has been on sale for several years confirming its enduring popularity with users.

User Questions and Answers

What more can you tell me about the lock??
The lock is a Simplex type made by Illinois Lock Company their model number D900.

Is there a hole for a Cable Lock?
No, there is no hole for a cable lock

Review Summary

We think that this security case works well for storing up to 2 small handguns. Its great for home owners wanting to keep handguns within easy reach, but away from curious kids. It won’t stop a well-equipped thief but that’s not what it’s for – you need a proper heavy duty gun safe for that.

Many users testify to the effectiveness of the safe and the reliability of the lock over several years of regular use.

As an added bonus it’s also made in the U.S. so we recommend this Gun Case.