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Take a look at our V-Line Long Gun Safe Review if you’re looking for a safe to store 1 or maybe 2 long guns.

V-Line produces several good quality gun safes and this particular one, model number 31242-SA BLK, has been receiving a lot of praise in the press and from satisfied buyers.

V-Line 42 Inch Long Gun Safe 31242-SA Review

Main Features

Mechanical Combination Simplex Lock

This safe is fitted with a manual Simplex type combination lock that can be used to set your own personal code chosen from 1081 possible combinations.

With this lock it’s easy to set your chosen code. The manufacturer even provides a video giving comprehensive instructions to guide you in changing the combination.

No Batteries Required

An added benefit of having a mechanical lock such as this is that this safe does not require battery power for the lock to be able to operate. So you don’t have the hassle of changing the battery periodically.

Additional Security

In addition the safe is also fitted with 2 tubular locks fitted at the top and bottom of the case giving an extra level of security should you so wish.


It is essential that the safe is mounted on a wall so that an intruder cannot just carry it off complete with your firearm. To help with mounting it effectively the safe comes with several ¼” holes pre-punched into the rear of the case so that there is no need for you to have to drill these holes yourself as in some models.


Model Number: V-Line 31242-SA BLK
External Dimensions: 42” X 12” X 3 ½”
Internal Dimensions: 40 ½” X 11” X 3”
Body Material: 16 Guage Steel – 1/16” thickness
Weight for Shipping: 32 lbs
Color and Finish: Low Gloss Black powder coating

Feature List

Long Gun Capacity: 1 Gun with Scope or maybe 2 guns without scopes fitted.
Mounting: Comes with several ¼ inch diameter holes at top middle and bottom of the back of the safe
Locking System: Mechanical push-button lock plus 2 tubular locks situated at the top and bottom of the case
Lining: Lined with foam to protect your firearms
Fireproof: No
Waterproof: No
Batteries: Not needed
Warranty: V-Line provide a 1 year limited warranty on this safe
Misc: Velcro strap supplied for holding firearms upright

Advantages of using this V-Line Safe

  • Firearms can be accessed without a key
  • Prevents kids or opportunist burglar getting hold of your guns
  • Thin profile allows this safe to be more easily mounted in a concealed location
  • No batteries are required

User Reviews and Ratings

We managed to find 10 reviews on this safe and they were all very positive. This model was rated at a whopping 5 out of 5 by every purchaser!

Frequent Reviewer Comments

Perfect size for storing a shotgun and handguns under my bed.
Great that no batteries are required
I’m really pleased with my purchase of this rifle safe model.

What Purchasers Liked..

  • An effective way to child proof your rifle
  • Metalwork and welds were flawless
  • Well-made and very durable
  • Excellent Quality – Not just a cheap box with a lock

Tips for using the V-Line Long Gun safe

  • Make sure that the combination lock is set to your desired code before fitting the safe to the wall just in case you have any problems and the safe has to be returned to the manufacturer.
  • Keep a record of the code you have used somewhere safe such as on your pc or laptop in case you forget it as it can be a real pain to get into a locked case without the combination.
  • Store the tubular lock keys in a safe place.
  • Mount this rifle safe in a concealed location such as inside a closet or door to make your firearms even more secure from prying eyes and unwelcome visitors.
  • For the safest solution do not store your firearm loaded and store your ammo in a separate ammunition safe in a different location.

What Comes in the Box?

1. V-Line Long Gun Safe 31242-SA blk
2. Set of 2 Tubular Lock Keys

Review Summary

The V-Line 31242-SA Long Gun Safe is a good solution for a householder looking to secure one or two long guns inside the home. The safe is fitted with a mechanical combination type lock that requires no batteries to operate and will keep your firearms locked up safely away from your kids.

While not being fireproof or waterproof the safe provides a reasonable level of security for the price. Beware though that a determined thief will make short work of the lock on this case with a prybar or crowbar and this is why careful consideration should be made to where the safe is sited.

The safe is a pretty small footprint design and is thin enough to be mounted and concealed in many locations helping you to hide it away from any intruders.

It should also be noted that there are several purchasers that have praised the build quality and durability of this safe.

All in all a good solution for keeping one or two rifles or long guns stored away from your children or an opportunist thief especially if mounted in a concealed location. Gets a deserved recommendation from us.

The Price

For a very reasonable price you get a well made safe complete with 3 locks and its made in the USA. Don’t forget that you also get free shipping if you buy it from Amazon.