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The Barska AX11650 Large Biometric Safe is another member of the range of biometric safes from Barska. This particular safe is one of the larger safes supplied and it features three deadlocking bolts for extra security.

During our review we found that the fingerprint scanner featured on this model is one of the most accurate in the business. If you couple this, with it being extra-easy to program , then you can see that Barska are are surely onto a winner.

Barska Large Biometric Safe AX11650 Review

2 removable shelves are fitted within the safe and the size of the unit is such that you can you store several handguns. You also have room to spare to store other valuables and personal items such as jewelry, passports, cameras, iPads etc.

Main Features

Fingerprint Reader Stores up to 120 Registered Fingerprints

The unit is easy to program and is great for use in an office or home where multiple users require access to the contents of the safe.

Silent Access

the safe beeps when accessed but can also be used in stealth mode by muting the audio beeps so that it can be opened silently in case of an emergency.

Pre-drilled mounting holes

The AX11650 safe comes complete with predrilled mounting holes, two on the back and four underneath, so that it can be securely fixed into position. You should always mount these types of safes to preventing an opportunist thief from stealing the safe complete with the contents.

Barska also supply the mounting hardware with the safe.

External Battery Pack

This model takes four AA batteries but an external battery pack is supplied so that you can still power the safe and use the fingerprint reader if the batteries fitted inside run out of power.

Just as a quick point, the batteries supplied should last up to two years. Obviously this will depend upon how many times the safe is opened during that period.

AX11650 Features

  • Made from 16 Gauge Steel
  • 2 internal shelves that can be removed, giving you more flexibility with storage options
  • Mounting Holes are pre-drilled, so you don’t have to drill them yourself
  • Anchoring bolts are included, so you can get it fixed in place quickly
  • Locking System has 3-Point deadbolts for extra security with a handle for opening
  • AX11650 Emergency Lock AccessThe safe beeps when the batteries are low on power so you can change then in a timely manner
  • 2 emergency backup keys are are supplied so that safe can still be opened if there are any problems with the fingerprint reader. The keyhole can be accessed by using the tool provided
  • All registered fingerprints remain stored during battery changover which means that you don’t have to go through the extra hassle of re-registering everyones fingerprints
  • The safe beeps when opened but the beeping can be easily muted if required
  • External Battery Pack
  • Protective floor mat supplied to cushion your valuables
  • Barska supply a 1 year limited warranty with this safe

AX11650 Technical Specifications

  • External Dimensions are 19.75” X 14” X 13”
  • Internal Dimensions are 19.5” X 13.5” X 9.5”
  • Capacity is 1.23 cubic feet. Could be used for storing several handguns plus important documents and valuables
  • Body material is 1/16” Steel 16 Gauge thickness
  • Door made from 3/16” Steel 7 Gauge thickness
  • Lock Type: Biometric Fingerprint Reader
  • Comes finished in Black
  • Weight: 48.5 lbs
  • Lining protective floor mat
  • Fireproof: No
  • Waterproof: No
  • Uses 4 X AA Batteries that last approx 1 year – depends on how often safe is used

Advantages of using this Barska Safe

One of the main advantages of the safe is that it can be used to store firearms and valuables that need to be accessed by several different users.

While this safe won’t deter a well-equipped thief, it will deter an opportunist looking to easily snatch your goods and guns. And of course it will stop any children getting hold of your firearms.

Tips for getting the most from this Safe

To get the best accuracy from the fingerprint reader on this safe it is best to register your fingerprints from several different angles. You should also try to re-register your fingerprints every six months or so to ensure the accuracy of the stored fingerprint image.

It is absolutely vital that this safe is mounted correctly using the mounting holes and bolts provided so that it is properly anchored in position. This will prevent it being stolen together with all the contents inside and stop it from falling over each time that the heavy door is swung open.

As an added level of security try to install the safe in a concealed location – a thief has to know of its existence before they can try to steal the contents..

What’s In The Box

1. Barska Large Biometric Safe AX11650
2. Removable shelves x2
3. Protective floor mat
4. External battery pack
5. Emergency back-up keys x2
6. Faceplate access tool – so that the backup keyhole can be used
7. Hardware for mounting

Purchasers Comments

Many users were very pleased with the accuracy of the fingerprint reader but several users were dissatisfied with the overall quality of the unit.

Review Summary

This is one of the largest Barska biometric safes. It’s capable of storing several handguns and also other valuables.
The biometric lock works well and the increased number of registered fingerprints up to 120 means that it’s great for using in a multiple user environment.

The only problem is the quality issues that seem to be reported sometimes.

If you want a larger Biometric safe with a reliable fingerprint reader and you are not too concerned about the quality issues that have sometimes been reported then this might be safe for you.

If there were no quality issues then we would recommend this safe as being a good option for someone looking for a larger biometric model but until these problems are resolved we don’t feel we can recommend a purchase.

If you’re really keen to buy this particular model then we recommend that you get it from Amazon because of their no quibble returns policy. You will then be protected in case you get one that has problems and can easily return it to Amazon free of charge.