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The V-Line BRUTE, model number 1394-S FBLK, is a formidable heavy duty gun safe.

V-Line Industries have many years of experience making high quality Security Cases for Guns and this shows in the construction of this exceptionally tough Gun Box.

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Pistol Box Review

Main Features

Super Tough

The BRUTE is made entirely from 10 Gauge steel. That’s more than 1/8th of an inch of thick hard steel. The welding on the case is also excellent and it’s quite difficult to see any of the welds – super craftsmanship.

Clamshell Case Design

The lid of the case completely wraps over the top of the lock box on all sides making it very difficult to pry open as it is almost impossible to get a crowbar between the lid top and bottom case.

The full length hinge that runs along the long edge is a Non-Removable-Pin (NRP) hinge that is welded so that the pin that the hinge pivots upon cannot be removed easily.

Simplex Type Lock

The lock is a Simplex type combination lock. The user can program it with over 1081 different combinations. These locks have been around for many years and are used on several different manufacturer’s safes so they are pretty reliable in use and get the job done.

Gas Powered Opening Strut

A gas powered strut helps to lift and lower the weight of the lid when the unit is opened or closed.

This means that the case opens far quicker and there is less risk of you catching your fingers when closing down the lid which is heavier that on most competitor models due to the extra thickness of steel used in the manufacture.


Model Number 1394-S FBLK
External Dimensions 12.50” X 9.5” X 3.6”
Internal Dimensions 12” X 9” X 3.25”
Body Material 10 GA Steel – 9/64” thickness
Weight 21 Pounds
Approvals CA DoJ approved firearms safety device

Feature List

  • Enough room to easily be used to store 2 handguns or pistols plus ammo
  • Simplex type Mechanical Lock with oversized Lock Block and 12 GA handle that overlays the lock providing additional protection.
  • Pry-proof clamshell design
  • Assisted opening via the gas piston strut
  • Comes pre-drilled with 4 x 1/4 inch holes for mounting
  • 1 layer of foam on top and 2 layers on bottom for customizing to your handgun shape
  • Black powder coated finish
  • Made in the USA

Advantages of using this safe

It’s made of thick steel, 10 GA, thicker steel than your average handgun safe which in the main are 16 GA or thinner. This makes the safe a lot stronger from the outset than comparable safes. So it’s more resistant to abuse received during an attack with simple tools.
The design and finish are superb and the quality of build is just great leaving no weak spots or poor welds to be exploited.
The use of the tried and trusted Simplex type lock adds to the dependability of the unit.
Unlike some competitors safes, the lip around the lid almost covers the whole depth of the side thickness making it very difficult, if not impossible, to pry open.
These locks have stood the test of time and are used by several large companies testifying to their reliability.


The safe is heavy and has no carry handle but it really is designed with mounting in mind where it becomes virtually pry-proof due to the wrap over Clamshell Design.

What Purchasers Liked

  • Safe is virtually pry-proof
  • Heavy top opening is made easy by the built in 25lb gas powered strut
  • Robust and very heavy build
  • Build and finish are just top notch
  • Made in the USA

What Were The Problems..

None to mention

What’s In The Box?

Just the the V-Line BRUTE plus Instructions.

Tips when using the BRUTE

  • Make sure that you store a backup of the Lock Box combination in a safe place. It’s really annoying having to spend your time cycling through 1081 different possible combinations to open it 🙂
  • If you have young children then mount the safe above their reach so they can’t try to open it anyway.
  • Try to also mount it out of sight so an opportunist intruder does not know that its there.

Consumer Ratings

This safe is rated very highly by purchasers that post reviews of the BRUTE online.
V-Line have also been praised several times for, “going the extra mile”, with their responsive customer service should any issues arise.


The MSRP of this safe is listed at $286 but I have seen the safe being offered for less. Don’t forget that this is a very heavy item at around 22lbs shipping weight so when comparing prices you need to add the shipping costs into the equation. These costs often don’t become apparent until after you are finalizing the purchase.

Review Summary

Now we have had a chance to investigate this safe we think that it works really well. The thickness of the steel used, the pry proof design, the high quality workmanship and a dependable lock are a great combination of features.
Add to this the fact that it comes complete with holes already drilled for mounting then you have everything you could want from a quick access handgun safe.
And as an added bonus its also Made in the USA.

We think that V-Line have got all the boxes ticked with this model. A really good safe – don’t miss it!